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ODFS Biography

 Brian & Richard Brian and Richard formed a friendship through a breakfast group, which started meeting every Monday morning more than 20 years ago.  Eventually, the breakfast club drew less and less people and they became the only two meeting on a regular weekly basis.  Due to these meetings, they were very aware of each other’s business situation, Brian building his business with his father, David who was getting close to retiring and would be leaving him to service all of their clients and Richard who was building RichLine Financial into a very successful company but running it out of his home with his assistant literally sitting in his dining room functioning as his personal assistant.

Each Monday they met and reviewed their weeks from a personal and business standpoint, many times helping each other out with cases they were working on and in the process became very good friends.

A little more than 10 years ago, Brian and Richard decided that it would make sense for Brian & Richard succession planning reasons (along with many other reasons) to form a partnership and run their businesses together under Ogilvie Daugherty Financial Services.  Richard moved his business to Kitchener and joined Brian and his father, David, thus turning two successful businesses into one fantastic team.  Brian and Richard still meet almost every Monday as business partners and friends.